Doug & Murphy

Q: What is your pet’s name and what animal/breed are they?

A: Murphy and he is a French Bulldog 

Q: How did you come up with the name Murphy or does it have any special meaning?  

A: My Mom is Irish and born on St. Patty's day and as soon as I mentioned the name “Murphy” being in the running she wouldn't let me pick anything else.

Q: What’s something funny Murphy does?

A: He's still a puppy but he tries to carry the biggest branches everywhere around Kirkland.

Q: What is your favorite thing about having Murphy as a companion?

A: Exploring new parks and patio bars with him is so fun. He's very popular and oh so lovable. 

Q: How long have you and Murphy been friends?

A: 5 months

Q: What does Murphy get for a special treat?

A: Murphy loves treats from Mud Bay when being obedient and time on the couch/bed when he's being good and dad wants some snuggles.

Black and white color of a pug sitting up on a couch
Black and white photo of a pug dog standing in a dog potty looking at the camera

Q: Is there a special human food Murphy gets to have?

A: Murphy snacks on a lot of carrots! He also gets a bite of a filet steak whenever I make something special.

Q: Does Murphy have a preferred outdoor activity or dog park?

A: Heritage Park in Kirkland! He loves running in the grass and chasing tennis balls when we play tennis.

Q: What is Murphy favorite’s thing to wear?

A: Faux Canadian goose puffer jacket :)

Q: If you could choose one luxury item you cannot live without, what would it be?

A: My sports cars! Currently have a little Audi coupe and can’t wait to buy a Porsche!

"I love my City Loo and my French bulldog Murphy adjusted to it immediately. Even though its somewhat hidden in the corner of my condo, I didn’t like having the artificial turf or pads exposed and the City Loo makes it look so much better. Even though he goes outside primarily, it’s so great to have an enclosed indoor option that looks like a nice dog house."

- D.S. - French Bulldog owner

with love,

City Loo