Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Yes! Your City Loo will come with step by step instructions - you can
also view our assembly video at

No! All the hardware and tools you’ll need are included with your City

The City Loo weighs 40 lbs. once assembled – it’s easy to move as you
find the ideal spot for use, and it also keeps it from sliding around during
pet use. We provide felt pads for the bottom to help protect your floors,

Yes, we strongly recommend using one. Our custom fit SilverSeal tray
with handles not only keeps odors down, but it also captures any
accidental messes as it was specifically sized to fit inside the City Loo.

Place our custom fit tray at the bottom of the City Loo, then layer your
pee pad or grass pad directly on top. The tray comes with convenient
handles, so it’s easy to lift everything in and out for easy and sanitary


Using a mild and pet-safe cleaner, we recommend wiping down the walls
of the City Loo with a soft, damp cloth.

Yes! Place the City Loo on a deck, patio, or covered area outdoors. You
can position the side entrance of the City Loo to where a pet door opens
to the outside, keeping your dog or cat safe and dry as they use their
City Loo. We do recommend bringing the City Loo indoors to prevent
any potential damage during extreme temperature changes or long-term
wet weather conditions.

Simply place your City Loo in a location such as a cabin interior or a
secure spot on deck. No more pee pads or grass pads blowing away in
the wind, or having to make a trip back to shore just to walk your dog!

Absolutely! Placing the cat litter box inside the City Loo means less odor,
and will keep litter and messes contained inside. The City Loo lid lifts
easily for convenient litter box cleaning, too.

We make it easy and sanitary for boy dogs to lift their legs in the City Loo! Our pee pad clips will hold a pee pad up against the back wall, making it easy to remove and dispose of when needed.