CEO, Founder of City Loo

Anastasia Miles

Luxury Lover, Corporate Glass Ceiling Breaker, Overachiever, Problem Solver

Anastasia’s experience in bringing innovative ideas to market with Microsoft, Impart, Aqua School and Signature Homes NW led her to develop a much-needed solution to a common pet problem. She developed City Loo so she could have a puppy in the city, who could use a convenient pet potty that fits into the chic design of her home. By using City Loo, Anastasia hopes we can all walk our pets when we want to and when it’s safe and enjoyable.

Brand Ambassador


Anastasia's Bestie, Treat Aficionado, Loyal Companion, Perfect Posh Pooch

Coco is thrilled to be an ambassador on the City Loo team. She gets her taste in pet products from her mom, Anastasia, and won't settle for anything less than luxury. Her experience being a city-dwelling dog positions her as the perfect voice of the City Loo brand. Keep an eye out for her product reviews on social media and follow along: @cocotheposhpoodle

Director of Operations

Austen Laabs

With Austen joining the team, City Loo is now truly a project of love and family! He brings with him an exorbitant love of animals, an appreciation for the finer things in life, and experience in operations for a multi-million dollar company. The City Loo allows Austen to keep his apartment chic and his dog Stella happy not having to walk in the rain or snow (he hates that). Never having to leave work early, miss social events or Zoom meetings with co-workers and friends, just to get home in time to walk his dog is what Austen most appreciates about having a City Loo.


We strive to make pet ownership more convenient without compromising personal style. Through innovative design and a curated catalog of premium products, the City Loo brand was created to provide solutions that are as fashionable as they are functional.

Custom Made & Manufactured