Endorsed by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Top Ten Tech products for 2023

✔️ Mess-free, stress-free

✔️ Fits any standard-size grass/litter

✔️ Chic & modern design

✔️ Suitable for cats

✔️ Perfect for an Urban High-Rise Apartment

✔️Clips for leg lifters

Training Tips

Training Your Dog to use the City Loo?

Find everything you need to train your furry friend to use the City Loo whether they used a pee pad and a grass patch before or not.

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Anastasia Miles

"I love luxury and style, I also love solving problems. So, when confronted with the challenge of high-rise living and the needs of my adorable new puppy, Coco, I knew there had to be a better solution. So I created an elegant enclosure for my puppy's potty needs, The City Loo"

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