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✔️ Mess-free, stress-free

✔️ Fits any standard-size grass/litter

✔️ Chic & modern design

✔️ Suitable for cats

✔️ Perfect for an Urban High-Rise Apartment

Training Tips

Training Your Dog to use the City Loo?

Find everything you need to train your furry friend to use the City Loo whether they used a pee pad and a grass patch before or not.

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Discreet, Sanitary & Safe

A high quality, custom-crafted dog potty solution that makes life comfortable for you and your pet. The perfect combination of style and functionality: discreet, sanitary, and safe for indoor or outdoor use.


Anastasia Miles

"I love luxury and style, I also love solving problems. So, when confronted with the challenge of high-rise living and the needs of my adorable new puppy, Coco, I knew there had to be a better solution. So I created an elegant enclosure for my puppy's potty needs, The City Loo"

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