Premium Artificial Dog Potty Grass


High-quality artificial dog potty grass specifically cut to fit perfectly into the odor-absorbing dog potty tray and the City Loo. Artificial grass is perfect for dogs and humans who prefer a reusable material that resembles pet potty time outdoors. Easy to use and clean.

*Can be used with our City Loo Premium Potty pads placed underneath for extra absorbency and odor control. So your space stays clean and smells nice!

Artificial Grass Size: 15-3/4” by 24-4/5” | Pile height: About 1-1/5”

Material: polypropylene and polyethylene with a styrene-butadiene rubber backing 

Includes 4 high-quality artificial grass pads with each order. Order your dog potty grass now! Save 10% when you subscribe to get it delivered to your door monthly.

Easy to clean, rinse  with soap and warm water or a hose. For maximum cleaning, use an enzyme cleaner. 

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