City Loo Starter Kit - Chic Dog Potty Set

$339.99 $399.99
Color: White

Finally, a modern indoor & outdoor pet potty solution that is chic and hassle-free way to ensure your pet’s potty needs are taken care of. The City Loo keeps your pets potty area discreet, sanitary, and safe for both you and your pet. 

The City Loo Starter Kit Includes:
The City Loo
1 Custom-Kit Odor Absorbing Tray
1 City Loo Artificial Grass Pads
8 City Loo Potty Pads

City Loo Door: Width 10” – Height low 14” – Height High 16”
City Loo: Height 21.25" – Width 29.25" – Depth 21"
City Loo Base: 30.75" – 21.75"
Recommended for pets 11.5"-16" tall at shoulders

The City Loo is designed for pets 20 pounds or under!

The City Loo is made of medium-density fiberboard with clear acrylic walls, stainless steel hinges, and an interchangeable dog door entrance.

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