Go Here Training Spray


Sold in a value pack of 2
Total 8oz

Introducing City Loo's Potty Training Boost – the sophisticated secret to stress-free dog training! Our 4 oz attractant spray is a game-changer, crafted with a proprietary scent that captivates dogs of all ages. Elevate the training experience with the perfect blend of pheromones, designed to entice your furry friend to choose their City Loo for potty time.

Simply spray the training boost on the potty area before your dog's scheduled potty break and watch the magic happen. The lure of the carefully crafted scent will guide your pup to the designated area, be it the grass or potty pads. And remember, a little praise goes a long way – shower your pet with affection for a job well done. City Loo's Potty Training Boost: Where sophistication meets effective training! #PoshPottyTraining #CityLooChicCanines

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