Pick Up Bags


Introducing our eco-friendly Pick-Up Bags – the epitome of chic sustainability for your furry friend! Crafted from vegan, corn, and plant-based materials, these bags not only cater to your pet's needs but also Mother Earth's. With a compostable design, these bags are the paw-fect choice for environmentally conscious pet owners.

  • Includes 4 boxes (240 bags)
    60 bags per box, 4 rolls of 15
  • Made of corn and plant-based materials
  • May be composted in applicable municipal programs

 Each box contains 60 bags neatly organized into 4 rolls of 15, ensuring you and your pup are well-equipped for any outdoor adventure. Make a stylish statement while caring for the planet with our exclusive Pick-Up Bags – where fashion meets eco-conscious functionality! #SustainablePawPrints #ChicCanineCare

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