A High-End Litter Box for Dogs

People and dogs were made for each other, and everyone deserves to experience the love and companionship that only a pup can bring to their life. However, not all of us live in a suburban house with a white picket fence in the backyard, and urban living can turn a simple call of nature into a test of the emergency alert system!


Besides the obvious problem of stained carpets and damaged wood flooring, we all know that the comfort of our animals matters most. Their well-being depends on being able to relieve themselves without a lot of stress and anxiety, and it’s one of our most basic obligations when we adopt them. 


Regular potty breaks are proven to support training efforts as well as the physical health of dogs. Having easy access to a space where they can “go” ensures that your dog isn’t straining to “hold it” or risking punishment for going on the rug. Accidents do happen, but what if there was a way to bypass those messes and give your pup autonomy over their bathroom habits?

Introducing the City Loo

The City Loo litter box for dogs is a clean, stylish, easy-to-use solution for complicated lifestyles that makes sure your puppy can take care of their business when you’re out taking care of yours.

It enables your dog to go to the bathroom on their own schedule, keeps odors in check, and makes cleanup a simple and hygienic snap. Plus, the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re comfortable when you’ve got a last-minute meeting alleviates the pressure of having to hurry home from work to take them out.


And if you’re thinking of a cat box, don’t worry: we’ve engineered a sophisticated litter box for dogs that features clear acrylic walls and an odor-absorbing tray, functioning as a chic yet practical addition to your home. It maintains discretion while serving your pup’s needs—a true win-win.

The intentional visual appeal of the City Loo dog litter box fits into every environment. It’s a tasteful and versatile alternative to pee pads (slippery, wasteful, and general eyesores) and avoids the typical problems of artificial turf (smelly, damp, and poor drainage). What’s more, it simplifies your dog’s routine to further support their training and health.


Oh, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between pet parenthood and sleek aesthetics. The City Loo is designed to blend in with your decor, because a solution that ruins your interior design is no solution at all! And if you prefer to keep your dog’s bathroom spot away from the indoors, such as on a balcony or patio, the City Loo’s robust construction can weather any storm. 

Dogs Deserve Options

If your dog depends on regular walks to relieve themselves, it can be challenging to meet those needs consistently. Dogs tend to be very tied to routine, and if your schedule’s irregular or something comes up, it can be a tremendous source of discomfort and stress. And let’s not forget—you’re not the only one who has an emergency now and again. With City Loo, your pup can manage that problem for you.

Also, people living in snowy or rainy climates often struggle to get their pooch to go outside in bad weather (understandably so!). Then there’s the hassle of actually reaching the ground floor if you live on a higher level, especially if you have to take the stairs (think of all the wasted time going up and down).


A City Loo litter box for dogs takes those challenges out of the equation, and empowers you to reinvent apartment living with a pet.

It’s Not Just for High-Rises

Even if you have a house with a backyard, all kinds of unforeseen quirks can complicate outdoor potty training. Mobility issues could make trips to the yard a painful problem, or perhaps your pup is just so stubborn that they refuse to use the doggy door.

An outdoor space doesn’t always guarantee an easy bathroom schedule, either. With a City Loo, your dog never has to worry about how, when, or where to go. All pets deserve a little sanctuary space in your home, and their own special litter box offers just that!

Finally, for better or worse, every pooch is a special and unique little personality, and potty training is about teaming up to figure out how this partnership works best for both of you. 

City Loo is about creating an answer for your friend who can’t tell you when they’re feeling uncomfortable. What’s straightforward for one dog may be confusing for another, and sometimes, making a little investment to help them help you is the perfect solution. 

A Leg up for Your Pup

The City Loo is the solution to dog potty training in the modern age. It’s a classy piece of furniture that blends beautifully with indoor spaces, and it makes going on those walks about staying healthy and fit together, not a mundane and stressful chore. 

Reclaim walking for the fun, refreshing exercise that it is by embracing a new arrangement for potty breaks, and make your busy urban life easy to share with your best friend. 


Treat everyone in your household to a City Loo litter box for dogs today!