How to Attract a Dog to a Pee Pad

You and your pup are a team, and both of you deserve to feel good about taking care of business. Not every family has a yard and a white picket fence to romp around in when it’s bathroom time, but that shouldn’t fill your lives with stress.

Pee pads are perfect for pets and owners alike who have a lifestyle that makes bathroom breaks a challenge. Accidents can be smelly, difficult to clean, and most importantly, an unhappy moment for your poor dog. They were trying so hard to be good!

Of course, it’s not always obvious to everyone what a pee pad is for. Learning how to attract a dog to a pee pad is key so Fido (and you!) can be a team player for the household. 

We’re going to give you all the insider tips and tricks to make a pee pad part of the routine.

Understanding Your Canine Furball

Have you ever wondered how your dog thinks? We’re not just pondering—this is important in the role of how to attract a dog to a pee pad!

As humans, we rely on our words for communication. Dogs rely mostly on scent, then sight, then sound, and finally, a heartfelt “woof!”. This is important because dogs will learn a visual cue before they learn an auditory one. Yes, they can associate the two, but the visual cue comes first.

Using visual cues in addition to auditory encouragement is key for understanding how to attract a dog to a pee pad. They’ll definitely make the connection quickly if you’re showing AND telling!

Training Day: How to Attract a Dog to a Pee Pad the Right Way

With a little strategy and positive reinforcement, you’ll have everyone on the same page (and pad) in no time. Here’s our guide: 

Step One: Restrict your pup’s access inside the home so they get used to where it lives. And keep a leash available and ready just in case—we’re all learning here. 

Step Two: Watch for signs that she may need to go potty. You know your pet best, and you’ll definitely see it coming.

Remember: it’s both show and tell, so you’re going to give a word cue as well as take them to the pad. When it’s time, say you cue (potty time!) and take your dog to the pad and place them on it. 

Step Three: When it’s all over, it’s time to celebrate!  Say “good girl!”, and don’t forget the treats!

Step Four: Continue to restrict access in your home for two weeks to reinforce the behavior. As hard as they’re trying to please you, we all make mistakes. After all, you pup is only human, right? 

Step Five: After two weeks of consistent training, you should both be good to go. And there’s no harm in making a successful City Loo trip a treat-filled experience!

Pee Pad Training Tips

If your furbaby has an accident during training—or at any point—avoid punishing them by using any kind of negative reinforcement. No shouting “bad dog!” Keeping training sessions positive will ensure that getting it right is about feeling good, not about staying safe. 

If there is an accident, make sure to clean the area with an enzyme-based cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle, and follow the instructions on the bottle. 

Also, it’s very helpful to feed your dog on a schedule and not allow for free feeding. Predictable in is predictable out, and that’s better for everyone. 

You’ll want to take your puppy over to her pee pad every 2-3 hours, after drinking water or eating food, and following any sleep or play. This will get them in the habit of going after these moments in the designated area of your home with your City Loo. And if it’s not the right time? Totally fine!

Make sure to keep her on her leash to prevent her from wandering away.

Finally, if you need a refresher course now and again, don’t worry: go back to the steps on how to attract a dog to a pee pad and work from there again until accidents are a thing of the past!

City Loo is For You!

With these simple tips and tricks, you’re going to make living in the city with your pup a snap. But let’s get real about pads—most of them are an eyesore, especially if space is already at a premium in your place.

You deserve something functional and stylish when you’re managing your space, and that’s why we designed City Loo in a range of style and sizes that blend seamlessly with your decor. It’s one thing to know how to attract a dog to a pee pad, but it shouldn’t make everyone else run away!

Make comfort a luxury. For all of you. Discover what City Loo can do for your lifestyle.