Preparing Your Pet for Boating

It’s boating season, yay! If you have summer plans that involve traveling by water with your pet, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before heading out for fun on the water. 

How will they go potty?

It’s no fun to have to take potty breaks for your pet which is often done by using a dinghy to have to paddle your pooch back to shore. If you’re staying close to land it’s possible but still inconvenient. When you have the City Loo (link to product) on board, your pet can go potty whenever they need to without disrupting your relaxing vacation.

Will they need a life jacket?

Just like us, it’s important to keep your pet safe in case of an accident or if they decide to jump off, etc. Pets who are excitable around water and likely to jump in should wear a life jacket in any setting that is new to you. Even if they are strong swimmers, you’ll appreciate the sturdy handle on the back of a life jacket to help get them back quickly. Coco loves to wear her life jacket made by (name of designer).

Is the weather going to be good?

Checking the weather is important before you go. Not only is shade in short supply on the open water, most pets don’t like thunder or can handle rough waters. Keeping your pet comfortable includes having available shade,  fresh water in a bowl to drink, and calm boating conditions.

Did you call before planning to take your pet on a boat?

If you plan on taking your pet on a public charter, it's good to check directly with the company to ensure their policies haven’t changed. Many outfitters, ferries, charter boats, and local cruises are pet-friendly. But not all. Businesses change their policies without notice, so even if you see a company listed as pet-friendly, it’s worth checking again. Ask for clarification of any guidelines people traveling with pets should know.