Training Your Dog to Use The City Loo

So, let’s first start with a question: has your dog ever used a potty pad or artificial grass before?  If not, training them to use a City Loo may take a bit of patience and effort, but it will be so well worth it!  Don’t forget, treats do wonders when training a dog!

Below are a few tips that should enable your dog to readily use a City Loo:

  • Spraying NaturVet Potty Here training aid on potty pads or grass used inside the City Loo helps in training puppies and dogs that this is an appropriate place for them to go potty. You can currently purchase this product on Amazon, and may soon be available at our City Loo website.

  • Other dog owners have had success in the transition to having their pet use the City Loo by using a layered method of placing a used pee pad underneath a new one, or under an artificial grass pad.  The scent will encourage your dog to use the area inside the City Loo.

  • Be patient and consistent. Pay attention to your dog’s instincts and behavior. Make an association between the City Loo and walks outside. Give rewards (praise, petting, treats) when the City Loo is used as intended. 

  • Establish and follow a routine. For example, take your puppy to potty in the City Loo after they wake up in the morning, before and after meals, after playtime, after naps, and at bedtime. Puppies have small bladders and bowels and need to potty every 4 hours. If he doesn’t go within 5 minutes, try again in about 15 minutes. When successful, praise your dog enthusiastically and give them a treat.

  • By using phrases like “go potty’, offering positive reinforcement and giving the occasional treat when your dog uses their City Loo will help turn it into a habit.  As time goes by, keep up the praise but decrease the treats so that the dog doesn’t become reliant on them.

  • Watch for ‘I’m ready for potty time’ signs from your dog.  Between potty breaks, watch for signs your dog needs to go — coming to a sudden halt, circling, sniffing in a dedicated manner, or dropping their bottom. If you do see him/her about to go, distract them and take them to their City Loo as quickly as possible.

  • A very well-trained dog may not believe they have your permission to use the City Loo in the house.  Such a dog will need extra encouragement before they accept that the City Loo has your seal of approval.

  • You may also try and open the clear front panel of the City Loo for them to walk in and use their doggy bathroom until they get used to the idea, and then coax them to enter from the side.  

I sincerely hope the above tips help – it just takes patience and consistency.  In the beginning my puppy had a few accidents, but we stuck with it.  Now if she knows if I am home, she will make sure I see her use the City Loo because she knows she will get a treat! 😊  

I have not had to walk my dog unless I wanted to, which of course I do love doing!  Just not at 4 am or in horrible weather conditions (neither of us enjoy it then).  Don’t give up, it is worth it!