A Luxury Dog Litter Box… Because You Both Deserve It

As we all know, bringing a dog into an apartment building requires much more forethought and effort than if you lived in a home with tons of acreage and outdoor space. Apartment-dwelling dog owners are attuned to facing unique challenges, and nailing down a regular potty schedule is one of the biggest. 

We quickly learn “the look” our pup uses to communicate that they want to go outside. Of course, this means you have to put down whatever you’re doing in order to accompany them on a potty break walk. The pause occurs at what is often the worst possible time—the early morning hours in the dead of winter, for instance (a nightmare for everyone involved).

You’re a busy person with a schedule of your own, and making sure your furry friend has a place to go might still be near the top of your list of worries. We get it! Our dogs actually aren’t just friends, they’re family. You both deserve a solution that prioritizes convenience without compromising your lifestyle, and the City Loo luxury dog litter box is here to save the day. 

The Problem…

Whether you’re on the 30th floor in downtown Manhattan, a house with an unsuitable backyard, or you're just on the go for most of the day, time-consuming potty training and bathroom breaks for your puppy sometimes just don't fit into the schedule. The results can be a messy chore, and it's a source of stress for you and your best friend who's trying so hard to be good. It's also not healthy for them to hold it forever, and pee pads are traditionally an unsightly alternative. 

But walking your dog outside to do their business is a necessary part of pet ownership, right? Just like how leaving your dog alone at home for extended periods without bathroom access is not really feasible… or is it? 

Perhaps you’ve been wondering if there’s a smarter way to manage your pup’s potty breaks—ideally, a way that enables you to stay present under any circumstances and gives your dog the autonomy to relieve themselves in a stress-free manner. 

… The Solution

Walks with your dog are meant to be relaxing opportunities to bond; they shouldn’t equate to a burden for either of you. After all, your fur baby is just that: your baby. So their comfort matters!

That’s why we created the City Loo luxury dog litter box. It’s the perfect answer to a common pet parent conundrum—meeting your dog’s bathroom needs effectively and elegantly.

The City Loo is excellent for potty training puppies as well as redirecting older dogs who have gotten used to going outside, offering them a much closer and more sanitary option. (You can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks. Read up on our potty training tips here.) City Loo households enjoy the flexibility and simplicity that comes with adding a litter box for dogs to the laundry room, spare bedroom, or even the balcony. It goes where your pup goes!

The City Loo is equally elegant in its design, which is unlike anything else on the market. We’ve engineered an aesthetically modern “dog house,” of sorts, using quality materials to craft a sleek and stylish pet potty that blends into any living space but also stands out for its ingenuity. Honestly, it’s a conversation starter! Guests will no doubt ask where you got this chic dog potty—an unexpected humble-brag for sure, but a welcome change from smelly pee mats. Clean lines, clean potty pads.

With a City Loo in your home, you can match the decor while saving the floor, and the structure and freedom it gives you all is worth its weight in gold.

The Benefit of Structure

Much like their human counterparts, dogs thrive within routines, especially in an apartment setting. Building a structured schedule through such daily occurrences as feeding and exercise ensures that your beloved pup is set up for long-term success. 

Experts point to the importance of supplying your dog with the necessary food and water at certain times so they can establish a reliable potty cycle. However if your lifestyle simply doesn’t afford you the time and energy to heavily invest in your puppy’s food and water intake to better predict their patterns, we understand—the City Loo can help accomplish this goal for you.

Having a City Loo on hand gives pups an instant potty spot whenever they feel the urge to go. For your dog, there’s no more waiting to be walked or crying at your feet. And for you, it means the end of interrupted meetings or anxiety over hurrying home to let them out. The City Loo is about freedom for you and your pooch. You both deserve it!

The Ease of City Loo

Our City Loo luxury dog litter box solves one of the biggest of pet parent problems out there, and will revolutionize the way you and your pup handle potty time. Rather than wandering aimlessly around the block and begging them to just squat already, you’ll be able to let your dog do their thing while you do yours, without ever having to leave the house.

Plus, your walks can go from required to reclaimed, as both of you begin to cherish that time together again. 

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