Anastasia & Coco

Q: What is your pet’s name and what animal/breed are they?

A: Coco… miniature poodle… but she is actually smaller than most miniature poodles.  Her mother was a Toy Poodle and Father was a Miniature…. 

Q: How did you come up with the name Coco or does it have any special meaning?  

A: I love the designer Chanel and always admired the name Coco.  

Q: What’s something funny Coco does?

A: Coco will make sure in the morning that I see her going into the City Loo because she now knows she will get a ‘treat’ when she uses it.  

Q: What is your favorite thing about having Coco as a companion?

A: Coco goes with me everywhere (mostly)  She will sit on my desk in her favorite cozy bed and look out the window while I work.  She also loves going to the mall 😊 shopping.

Q: How long have you and Coco been friends?

A: I picked Coco up at the Airport November 2020 and we have been best friends since.  

Q: What does Coco get for a special treat?

A: Coco loves “Chewy” treats and cheese….

Q: Is there a special human food Coco gets to have?

A: Coco likes carrots and cheese. 

Q: Does Coco have a preferred outdoor activity or dog park?

Coco is very social and loves going to the dog park and saying hello to all the other dogs.


Q: What is Coco favorite’s thing to wear?

A: Coco likes her “Coco Channel’ hoodie and in the winter time her ‘puffer coat’.


Q: If you could choose one luxury item you cannot live without, what would it be?

A: Her City Loo of course!  I have never had to ‘walk’ Coco unless it was for pleasure and exercise.