Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog at Night

Living in the Pacific Northwest means in the winter time it’s already dark by 5pm. Walking Coco during this time means meandering through dark, oftentimes wet sidewalks on bustling city streets. For me, it is very nerve-wracking to be a woman walking my dog alone at night! Which is why I created and now use the City Loo. Coco can go whenever she needs to and I can walk when I want to!

For those still venturing out in the dark, here are some tips you can use to keep yourself and your pet safe.

Take known routes.

When it gets dark out, we naturally have lowered visibility which could mask hazardous walking conditions making unfamiliar routes more dangerous. Stick to routes you know that are well lit.

Walk against traffic.

Cars, joggers, cyclists, and other people out may not be paying attention, and can startle you and or your dog at night, walking against traffic allows you to see what’s coming.

The right gear.

Reflective gear or battery operated lights for both you and your pet is a great way to stay seen at night in the dark. This makes it easier for people to easily see both you and your pet, which is incredibly important for safety.

Stick to routes you know that are well lit

Bring your phone.

Accidents can happen at any time anywhere. Being prepared means having your charged phone with you so you can get help quickly if you need it.

Watch for predators.

Depending on your location, potential dangers might include a plethora of wild animals or even running into people who are up to no good. If you can’t bring someone with you, bring a taser or something you can use to protect yourself and your pet.

Stay aware and alert of your surroundings

Ditch the headphones.

In order to stay aware and alert of your surroundings, you need to remove distractions such as listening to music so you can hear what is going on around you.