Back to Working at the Office?

I’m sure neither you or your pet is thrilled about having to go back to the office. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious about not being able to be home all day for your pet, we have been there and understand so we wanted to provide you with some tips and tricks that have worked for us to help you both adjust with ease.

A daily routine.


Since you’ve probably been going on walks or letting them outside whenever they want, starting a new routine will help. If you had a routine before, go back to that one and adjust as needed. If you are a new pet owner or didn’t have a daily routine, this can be easy to start. From when you walk them/let them out in morning, the time you feed them, play with them, they will begin to go with the routine as well as get used to it.


Just like me, I’m sure your daily routine has changed a bit since having to go to the office. Perhaps instead of full makeup and a polished outfit, it’s a ponytail and some comfy athleisure wear. Just as we adapted to anew routine of working at home, it's time to start establishing a routine that coincides with your pet. If you’re concerned about potty accidents, I recommend purchasing our City Loo, it allows your pet to go whenever they need to.

This time alone is good for the both of you

Leave them alone.


Slowly start to leave dogs alone at home for a few hours at a time and monitor their food intake.


This time alone is good for the both of you. Just as they are used to you being around, you are also finding comfort in their consistent companionship. Use this time to focus on the changes coming ahead and what you need to do to prepare yourself for this next chapter.

Curb the snacking.


Considering your pet may be more active than normal right now, they’re probably hungrier. When you go back to work, your pet will likely become less active. If they continue eating like they’re living a super busy lifestyle, they could gain weight. 

Keep feeding your pet the recommended amount of food for their size and breed.


Depending on where you work and the type of rules you have, you may or may not be able to be a grazer at work. Getting your body used to a normal day of when you can eat will help you to maintain a good healthy body and keep your brain working on point. I like to keep some healthy power snacks in my desk and I always have my water!

In their safe haven, create a comforting area

A safe haven.


To prevent anxiety, create a safe place for your pet, typically in the area of your home where they feel most comfortable. If that room is not available once you return to the office, start to gradually restrict the access to that area by closing the door or putting up a gate.


Knowing that your pet is safe and comfortable while you are gone at work will also aid in easing your anxiety while you are away from them. If you have the means to have a camera in the room they are in, this is a great way to monitor your pet and see exactly what is going on whenever you want.

Comfort and distractions.

In their safe haven, create a comforting area for them to sleep in. This could include a new bed or toy that would make them feel more at ease. Start giving them treats on this new bed during the times you would normally be home on the days you’re at the office. Then when you start to return to the office, when you leave, on their new comfort spot, give them a long lasting treat such as a frozen kong with peanut butter in it or a bully stick.