Indoor Dog Bathroom: A Luxurious, Sanitary, Odorless Solution

It would be nice if everybody had a fenced yard and worked from home, but the fact is most puppy parents are busy people. If you live in an apartment and have an on-the-go lifestyle, managing your pet’s basic needs can be a big challenge.

Throw in some rain, snow, a late night, and a 30-story elevator ride, and making your little angel comfortable can become a massive caretaking project. And it’s not just stressful for you:

It’s stressful for them

Their basic needs shouldn’t have to be a panicked emergency for the household. What matters most is that your furry friend is happy and healthy, and finding relief should be easy and hassle free. 

For both of you.

Enter City Loo.

Indoor Dog Bathroom? Tell Me More…

The City Loo is the answer to your puppy’s bathroom woes. It’s a stylish, self-contained pee pad that lets them take care of business on their own schedule, without making a mess out of your pad. 

Just like your pets, City Loos come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, so you can match your furry pal’s needs with your decor. Not only are they odorless and easy to clean, but our Loos are environmentally friendly, making them the perfect choice for busy pet owners.

And the benefits don’t end there. There are many more advantages to using indoor dog bathrooms. Let's take a closer look:


Complicated solutions are not solutions at all, and turning a potty break into a track and field event is not especially helpful if you live in an apartment or have a busy working schedule. City Loo takes all that pressure off your shoulders—and your poor pooch’s tummy! 


Extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, or heat can make it difficult or even dangerous for your dog to go outside to relieve themselves. With an indoor dog bathroom, your dog can go number two in the comfort and convenience of a climate-controlled environment just like number one does.

I mean, it’s kind of their home too, right? 

Better Hygiene 

An indoor bathroom is a clean and hygienic space that reduces the risk of infections and other health problems. It can be regularly cleaned and disinfected, unlike outdoor areas where there may be exposure to other animals' waste. 

This is especially important for dogs with compromised immune systems or those prone to allergies. Plus, there’s also less chance of your pet tracking in dirt, mud, and all the trouble they love to get into back inside with them every time they need a break. It’s better for everyone!

Excellent For Potty Training

If you’re potty training your new baby, the City Loo makes it as easy to get them comfortable and on track. Your pet will have a designated spot to go rather than searching for an appropriate place on its own. It’s also easy for them to get accustomed to and intuitive for their canine mind, which can be a game changer if you’re on the go with your busy lifestyle. 

Reduces Stress

It reduces stress for dogs who are anxious, afraid of going outside, or afraid of heights. An indoor bathroom can help them feel more comfortable in their home environment and prevent negative behaviors like chewing on furniture or rugs when they need to go outside.

Good For Dogs With Special Needs

Dogs with health conditions, such as arthritis or incontinence issues can have difficulty going up and down stairs, walking long distances, or regulating their bathroom schedule. You can create a safe alternative for your senior or special needs pup.

Environmentally Friendly

An indoor dog bathroom can be a more environmentally friendly choice, and can help cut back on waste produced by plastic dog poop bags. Reduce the use of disposable pee pads or the need to constantly replace outdoor grass patches.

Taking Off the Pressure with City Loo

City Loo will make everyone’s life easier and cleaner—and that’s all great—but the most valuable thing it will do is free the precious time you have with your best friend from the stress and hassle of everyday needs. 

We’ve all had to rush home on our lunch break, grab the dog, toss them out on the sidewalk and hope they can go, and then throw them back inside so we can jet out the door. Everyone’s a little freaked out, and then it’s right back inside for another four hours alone. 

That’s not what your time with your pet should be about, and that’s exactly why we created our sanitary, odorless, luxurious indoor dog bathroom in the first place. 

Make your moments together about the moment—and do it in style. Take a look at the relief City Loo can offer you both.